HEKA Turbo 168 - Poultry Egg Incubator/Hatcher

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HEKA Turbo 168 - Poultry Egg Incubator/Hatcher

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168 chicken eggs (192 with optional plastic trays) 

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The Heka Turbo 168 incubator is an outstanding, high quality, technical appliance made from easy-care synthetic material and equipped with a user friendly processor control system. 
4 incubating trays of your choice are included.
Hatching Baskets can be purchased separately if you would also like to use it as a hatcher. 

 CAPACITY Wooden Tray (approx)  Plastic Tray (approx)
Chicken 168 192
Bantam & Pheasant 240 270
Duck & Turkey 144 160
Quail 780 880
Goose 80 90
Partridge & large Quail 520 580


Series Features

Fully-automatic egg-turning

Behind the incubator, there is a turning-motor (exterior, covered), which is connected with the trays by a push-rod and white connectors (powder-coated aluminium). The motor pushes and pulls the trays automatically forwards and backwards. For best success in brooding, all our incubators do 12 turnings per day. With connectors of different length, you can turn any number of trays. Of course, this turning can be reprogrammed or deactivated by you for the hatching-phase.

Processor controlled temperature regulation

To match the high-class cabin, we install what is probably the most reliable control on the market. With an absolutely precise temperature regulation, this control has a failure rate of under 0.1% in the first 5 years - a value, which confirms the incomparable high quality of HEKA-incubators.

Double glazing

All incubators in the HEKA Turbo series are equipped with double glazing. The insulation value is much better in comparison with single glazing, and uses less energy. Also, insulated glazing does not begin to steam up until higher than ~80% humidity, and higher values are not normally required.

Wooden trays or plastic trays

Wooden trays feature a favourable price - because they are made of moisture-resistant (sauna)wood. These trays last for very many years with perfect stability and without becoming deformed. The plastic trays offer in addition the advantage of a hygienic easy-to-clean surface, of particular importance when our incubators are used in laboratories and research facilities, but also important for brooders, who are keen on cleanliness. Because the plastic trays are produced with a smaller frame yet achieve the same stability, they have a 15% higher capacity.


The incubator is equipped with the following accessories; an interior light, four incubating trays of your choice, a hygrometer, a three partition water basin, a detailed manual and different connectors for turning any quantity of trays.

No Hatching baskets are included but these can be bought separately.

WEIGHT 38 kg
WIDTH 50 cm
HEIGHT 75 cm
DEPTH 50 cm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Guarantee 2 Years
Unpacked Product Weight (kg) 38
Width (cm) 50
Height (cm) 75
Depth (cm) 50