HEKA Ostrich Egg Incubator 140 Eggs

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HEKA Ostrich Egg Incubator 140 Eggs

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100/140 Ostrich Eggs
The incubator takes 100 eggs lying down or 140 eggs upright. 

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Our Ostrich Egg Incubators are built to the same exceptionally high standard as our Euro Lux incubators. They have a top quality micro processor computer control system, fully automatic egg turning, double glazing and a double thermostat.

Total egg capacity in lying down position: at least 100 eggs on six trays. The fully automated egg turning is carried out at about 180°.

Total egg capacity in upright position: at least 140 eggs on six trays. The rotation angle can be regulated through the computer control system to your desired settings.

Can be used as an Ostrich Egg Hatcher when purchased with the optional hatching baskets.


It is essential to keep the humidity for Ostrich Eggs at between 20-25%RH, otherwise you will get a very poor, or even nil hatching result. Therefore, the incubator must be kept in a suitable de-humidified room. If this is not possible, then we can add a highly efficient de-humidifying unit that will keep the humidity in the incubator at this required level. Please select this from the Product Options. 

Series Features

Fully-automatic egg-turning

Behind the incubator, there is a turning-motor (exterior, covered), which is connected with the trays by a push-rod and white connectors (powder-coated aluminium). The motor pushes and pulls the trays automatically forwards and backwards to turn the eggs. For best success in brooding, all our incubators turn 12 times a day. With connectors of different length, you can turn any number of trays. Turning can be reprogrammed or deactivated by you for the hatching-phase.

Microprocessor controlled temperature regulation

To match the high-class cabin we install probably the most reliable control system on the market with an absolutely precise temperature regulation. This control has a failure rate of under 0.1% in the first 5 years - a value, which confirms the high quality of HEKA-incubators. Temperature, turning and cooling can be programmed with just a few key presses.

Double glazing

All incubators in the HEKA Euro-Lux series are equipped with double glazing. The insulation value is much better in comparison with single glazing, and uses less energy. 


The incubator is completely equipped with all the accessories that are needed. Included is an interior light, five egg trays, a detailed manual and different connectors for turning any quantity of trays.


WEIGHT 190 kg
WIDTH 89 cm
HEIGHT 160 cm
DEPTH 100 cm

Product Uses

  • Ostrich Egg Incubator
  • Ostrich Egg Hatch (when purchased with optional hatching baskets)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Guarantee 2 Years
Unpacked Product Weight (kg) 190
Width (cm) 89
Height (cm) 160
Depth (cm) 100