HEKA Olympic 660 - Poultry Egg Incubator

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660 chicken eggs
This is incubator has an impressive volume and is used in many areas of poultry farming.

HEKA Olympic 660 - Poultry Egg Incubator

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The HEKA Olympic 660 offers an impressive volume and is used in many areas of poultry farming. It can of course be used for all bird breeds, including water and water ornamental poultry. The hygienic surfaces are easy to clean, and  housing is protected from water or high humidity. Precise and responsive control of your computer ensures optimal breeding conditions, and the highest breeding success.

Chicken 660
Bantam & Pheasant 900
Duck & Turkey 540
Quail 1980
Goose 252
Partridge & large Quail 1350

Series Features

Fully-automatic egg-turning

All incubators in the Olympic series have a set of turning shelves into which either egg trays or hatching trays can be placed. These turning shelves are connected to a concealed motor that is barely audible. The trays tilt @ 45º forwards and then backwards, and are set to turn 12 times per day, but the timing is adjustable, and the turning can be deactivated for the final hatching period.

Fully-automatic humidification

The incubator is equipped with a fully-automatic humidification system. It includes a water- canister, which is the water reservoir for the humidification. A float valve regulates the water supply from the canister to a water container with a heater. Every time while heating (continuously at heating up and in short impulses when set-temperature is reached), the water- heater is activated, which heats the water and evaporates it.This is a failure-free and reliable technique for best success in brooding. It's also possible to connect the incubator directly to your water line. If you request this, we then adjust your machine for this higher water pressure.

Processor-controls with complete regulation by computer

The reliable computer-controls feature a high- class functional range. Temperature and humidity are shown so that you can check the precise regulation of your incubator at any time. On the other hand, temperature, humidity, turning and cooling can be programmed with just a few key presses.

Double glazing

All incubators in the HEKA Olympic series are equipped with double glazing. The insulation value is much better in comparison with single glazing, and uses less energy. Also, insulated glazing does not begin to steam up until higher than ~80% humidity, and higher values are not normally required.

Optional Water Cooling

This model has the optional facility of a water cooling system. This addition not only meets the requirements for use in hot countries such as Southern Europe, Africa or South America, but also means that outstanding success in breeding is also guaranteed during excessively hot periods in any country, including the UK, particularly where incubating rooms are not air conditioned. When brooding large numbers of eggs, from days 10/12 the embryos become exothermic, producing heat. If this happens during a hot spell this can raise the temperature to above the set level causing potential danger to the embryos. In these circumstances however, to prevent damage to the embryos, the water cooling system comes into operation and brings the temperature down to the set incubation temperature. If the incubation temperature falls below the set temperature, the outstanding HEKA microprocessor control quickly brings it back to the precise temperature that has been set. To operate the cooling water system all that is necessary is to just connect to the (cold) water supply pipe.


The incubator is equipped with the following as standard; an interior light, six incubating trays of your choice, a water canister, and a detailed user manual. 

Hatching baskets can be ordered as required.

WEIGHT 60 kg
WIDTH 65 cm
HEIGHT 124 cm
DEPTH 58 cm

Additional Information

Guarantee 2 Years
Unpacked Product Weight (kg) 60
Width (cm) 65
Height (cm) 124
Depth (cm) 58

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