HEKA Standard Jumbo XL - Poultry Egg Incubator/Hatcher

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HEKA Standard Jumbo XL - Poultry Egg Incubator/Hatcher

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1500 chicken eggs
Wooden Incubator with Automatic Turning, Digital Temperature Control, Automatic Cooling. Manual Humidity Control.

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The HEKA Standard Jumbo XL has eight incubating trays, which are larger than the HEKA Standard 12, giving a total capacity of approximately 1500 chicken eggs. It is supplied with your choice of incubating trays (to suit a variety of egg types) and you can also purchase hatching baskets if you want to use it for hatching.

Features Included

Automatic Egg Turning
Digital Temperature Control
Automatic Cooling Cycles
Double Glazing
Interior Light
Analogue Hygrometer (Humidity Meter)
3-Section Water Tray for humidity generation (goes in the bottom of the incubator) 

This model has the optional added facility of a water cooling system that can be essential in certain conditions. This addition not only meets the requirements for use in hot countries such as Southern Europe, Africa or South America, but also means that outstanding success in breeding is also guaranteed during excessively hot periods in any country, including the UK, particularly where incubating rooms are not air conditioned. When brooding large numbers of eggs, from days 10/12 the embryos become exothermic, producing heat. If this happens during a hot spell this can raise the temperature to above the set level causing potential danger to the embryos. In these circumstances however, to prevent damage to the embryos, the water cooling system comes into operation and brings the temperature down to the set incubation temperature. If the incubation temperature falls below the set temperature, the outstanding HEKA microprocessor control quickly brings it back to the precise temperature that has been set. To operate the cooling water system all that is necessary is to just connect to the (cold) water supply pipe. This option can be added for £545


Chicken 1500
Bantam & Pheasant 2200
Duck & Turkey 980
Quail 5250
Goose 504
Partridge & large Quail 3500

Incubating and Hatching

For batch incubating, all incubating trays can be swapped for (optional extra) hatching baskets, and the egg-turning function should be manually switched off. For cycle incubating, the lower tray can be swapped for the (optional extra) hatching basket to use the lower section for hatching, while younger eggs are still incubating above. The automatic egg turning for the lower tray should be manually disconnected in this case.


WEIGHT 125 kg
WIDTH 78 cm
HEIGHT 119 cm
DEPTH 88 cm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Guarantee 2 Years
Unpacked Product Weight (kg) 125
Width (cm) 78
Height (cm) 119
Depth (cm) 88