HEKA Standard 1 - Poultry Egg Incubator/Hatcher

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70 chicken eggs
Wooden Incubator with Automatic Turning, Digital Temperature Control, Automatic Cooling. Manual Humidity Control.

HEKA Standard 1 - Poultry Egg Incubator/Hatcher

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HEKA Standard 1 - Model Specific Information


The HEKA 1 is a good choice of starter incubator and for incubating a small quantity of eggs. It is a solid quality machine and gives the same success rates achieved in the larger, fully automatic incubators. Its compact dimensions make it convenient to use in situations where space is at a premium and make it practical to use in the home, which makes it a good choice for families where children want to be involved.

Egg Incubating Capacity

Depending which type of incubating trays you use, this is the maximum capacity for each different size of egg: 

Chicken 70
Bantam & Pheasant 100
Duck & Turkey 50
Quail 220
Goose 24
Partridge & large Quail 150

Size, Weight and Power Consumption

WEIGHT 35 kg
WIDTH 48 cm
HEIGHT 59 cm
DEPTH 50 cm

Standard Series Incubators - General Description

The Standard Series incubators have the same cabinet design and manufacturing process as the top-of-the range Eurolux series. This means they have the same world-class distribution of both temperature and humidity througout the cabinet, which is vitally important if you want optimum conditions for your eggs. The Standard Series machines have manual humidity control, where you put water in a 3-section tray in the bottom of the machine to control the humidity level. 

Specification and Features

We sell our Standard Series incubators with the full range of factory options included. They all have: 

  • Automatic Egg Turning
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Automatic Cooling Cycles
  • Double Glazing
  • Interior Light
  • Analogue Hygrometer (Humidity Meter)
  • 3-Section Water Tray for humidity generation (goes in the bottom of the incubator) 

Each incubator comes with a choice of incubating trays, from Quail to Goose, which you can specify at the time of purchase. 

Optional Hatching Baskets

If you would like to use your incubator for hatching (either batch or cycle), you will need to purchase some hatching baskets, which you will see listed above in the Related Products section. You can choose open-top hatching baskets or covered hatching baskets. The covered baskets are useful for selective breeding as they have dividers. 

Materials and Components Quality

Front Closeup

The HEKA Standard series of incubators have a warm vibrancy with their natural wooden finish. The frame is manufactured from premium-quality, seasoned, solid wood. The rest of the body is made of 21mm-laminated wood, which is coated and glue laminated to be extremely water-resistant. Due to the high quality of the materials used, the cabinet is exceedingly durable and long-lasting.

Electronic, electrical and control components are selected for quality, durability and longevity.

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality of HEKA-incubators is at a deliberatley high standard. We maintain a high attention to detail in the cabinet making, for example, how the door sits flush against and accurately against the side mouldings. This ensures that the product will function to the best possible level and remain doing so throughout its lifetime.
Cables, electronic and electrical components are installed in a tidy and robust manner.The sensitive electronic-system of regulation is separated from the rest of the incubator and the use of cable glands ensures that the humidity, which is created inside the incubator, does not affect the electronic-system of regulation.

Maintaining optimal conditions for hatching

All incubators from HEKA are designed with a forced air circulation system to ensure an optimum dispersion of the air is created. We achieve this with a double-walled cabin as well as with premium-quality, powerful fans (adjusted in size for each model), which blow the air down from the technical compartment and which then let the air flow through the side channel upwards again. This results in temperature constancy in the different layers of the incubator as well as on different sides of the incubator. This is the case no matter how many eggs you put in the incubator. 

Internal ViewManual Humidity Adjustment

Automatic Turning

Humidity is generated in the Standard Series incubators with a three-part water-basin, which is placed at the bottom of the incubator. These water-basins are available in different sizes, so that e.g. for brooding hen-eggs, you reach just the right values of humidity, if you fill one compartment of the water-basin in the first 18 days - and then in the last 3 days of hatching 2-3 compartments. For fine-adjustment there is an air-vent in the cover of the incubator, with which you can regulate the air exchange. At the door of the incubator, there is a hygrometer for checking the humidity - and of course, there is a table for the required humidity for different kinds of poultry in the manual, which is supplied with every incubator.

Fully-automatic egg-turning

Eggs need regularly and consistently turning in order to achieve a successful hatch rate - at least 2-3 times per day in the 1st phase of incubating. Our Standard Series have fully automatic egg-turning. Behind the incubator, there is a turning-motor, which is connected to the trays via a rod in the centre of the machine. The motor pushes and pulls the trays automatically forward and backward, rolling the eggs in the incubating basket. For best hatching results all our incubators turn the eggs 12 times a day. Automatic turning is deactivated by a switch for the hatching-phase.

Micro-processor (Automatic) Temperature Control

Micro-processor (automatic) Control

The Micro-processor (Automatic) Temperature Control provides a great deal of control convenience and consistency of results. The temperature can be adjusted in tenths of a degree. Both the target set-temperature and the actual current-temperature are shown simultaneously. Further, an alarm is included. You set the alarm temperature digitally and if this temperature is reached, the alarm-control-light flashes. NOTE: The UK model has English on the Panel.

Cooling Timer


Cooling timer

Improved hatch rates are achieved through daily "cooling" of the eggs, mimicking the parent leaving the nest. The Standard Series incubators include a cooling timer, so the incubator automates the process.

Double electronic thermostat

Double Glazing

A double thermostat brings an even higher level of safety to your incubator. If the main thermostat should allow the temperature in your incubator to rise too high, the double thermostat switches off the heating and prohibits damage to the eggs. This adds an additional level of reassurance to the professional breeder. In Micro-Processor Controlled incubators the double thermostat is integrated into the control-system. The cutoff value for the double thermostat is preset by us - you don't have to reprogram any values, the incubator is ready to use.

Double glazing

The insulation value is much better, reducing power consumption. Further, insulated glazing does not steam up in the normal operating parameters of incubating.

Additional Information

Guarantee 2 Years
Unpacked Product Weight (kg) 35
Width (cm) 48
Height (cm) 59
Depth (cm) 50

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