Duck Drinker

Duck Drinker

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Duck Drinker

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This is a really good quality duck drinker. 

It allows the duck to submerge its head to wash its eyes but prevents it from climbing into the water and making it dirty.

The drinker is available with an optional hose connector and water valve which enables you to connect it to the water mains via a hosepipe, so if you're away for a few days your ducks will still have enough water. We highly recommend you choose this version. 

It has a rubber bung at the bottom on one end that allows you to drain it easily when cleaning it. 

Please Note: This item is not suitable for geese, as they will savage it until its feet come off, chuck them around the yard, pull the bung out and swallow it, then chew through the supply hose causing a massive flood. For geese we recommend the Fisher Alvin A105 drinker, which is made from goose-proof galvanised metal. 

Capacity: 15 Litres

Additional Information

Additional Information

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